A company that offers books that easily translate across languages.  Primarily through e-readers or audio books, this company would allow individuals to adjust the language setting as often as they would like.  This would allow for books to be shared across cultures, as well as provide opportunities to practice learning another language.  By reading a book in multiple languages, an individual would be able to understand the context of the language more thoroughly.

In Practice

A customer would purchase a book.  They could read the book in English, than reread the book in Spanish in order to better immerse themselves in the language.  This could be used as a tool for teachers looking for ways to train students in language learning as well.  By rearranging the languages, you can better understand how the vocabulary interconnects.

This would be a perfect product for those who are past the beginning stages of learning a new language, but are still trying to close the gap towards fluency.  This system would give them the option to train their brains to how the words and grammar interconnect throughout a story.

Additional Thoughts

As the world becomes increasingly more global, solutions need to be developed in order to better connect people.  This system would help connect people, as well as teach language skills through immersive learning.