A company that allows you to schedule in advance regular, small nice gifts, notes, or gestures for friends and family.  Sometimes it can be difficult to stay in touch with people.  You mean to call them or write them, but it always seems to slide into the background of priorities; and people begin to drift apart.  This system would allow you to automate a way to show your friends and family that you care.

In Practice

A customer would be able to add the people they want to plan impromptu kind gestures for.  They could select a time range for how often they would like to send something out to them, how close the relationship, and what kind of messages they would like sent.  Once these settings are set up, the system will take care of the rest.

For example; a customer wants to keep in touch with a friend who they never seem to spend enough time with.  They could set them up in this system as a friend.  Decide they would like to reach out to them at least twice a year.  The company would then generate a something nice to send out to your friend on a slightly random interval (so that it doesn’t feel automated to them).

These kind gestures could include small notes “Just wanted to say hi” or “Have a great day today”, flowers, stuffed animals, post cards, inspirational quotes, or a variety of options.  Different price points could be put in place depending on the amount of people you want to send Kind Gestures to, and the level of gestures you want to send (from email, to post cards or flowers).  A free version should be offered to attract customers with simple programs such as semi frequent emails out to friends.  The varieties of options can grow and evolve with the company.

Additional Thoughts

It is always a challenge the older you get to stay in touch with all of the people you wish you could.  There is never enough time in a day or days in the year.  With this system you would be able to do something kind for those you care about, without the fear of it slipping your mind.  The company could continue to grow through partnership opportunities on the small gifts and gestures being sent out to friends and family as well.  As we take advantage of automation for more and more of our lives, we should use it in a positive way for the relationships in our lives as well.

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