A device that blocks internet, wifi, and all electrical devices.  This product could help people get a break from technology.  For those looking to have a weekend off the grid, they can turn this device on and have a tech free weekend.  Everyone needs to unplug, now more than ever.  I feel that this product would help so many people regain focus and clarity in their lives by eliminating distraction.

In Practice

There are many great uses for this product, which would allow you to prevent interruptions or distractions from the present moment.  Families who want to cut out the devices and enjoy a game night together, could use this to take a break from the outside world.  Businesses could use this technology to keep people focused and engaged in meetings.  By using this, you wouldn’t have to worry about people concentrating more on their phones than the agenda.  Schools could use this in the same regard as offices in order to keep individuals focused and concentrated.

The connectivity of this world is a great thing.  It allows us to be close to those who aren’t with us in the present.  However, we do need to find a balance so that we don’t lose sight of those who are with us in the moment.  This product could help people gain control over their bad habits and build in deliberate breaks from the limitless distractions.

Additional Thoughts

It is a difficult task to keep people focused and off their devices for long, but I feel that we are starting to realize the importance of taking periodic breaks from all of the screens we encounter throughout the day.  This product could help provide that discipline needed, and can be applied in a variety of circumstances.

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