A college created with the sole mission to create self sufficient individuals.  Create entrepreneurs who can make money in non traditional employment.  The focus of the college would not be to prepare students for 1 specific career, with the hopes of getting a job.  Instead it would be geared towards building self reliant individuals who have already started successful endeavors while still at the college.  Leave the school with income already coming to them.

In Practice

As a new college or as a new department for an existing college, this program would help individuals create independent incomes before they graduate.  That are not reliant on finding any specific jobs when they leave, although the skills and success built during their experiences would provide them that option as well.

So many colleges are only involved with theory, and training people for specific jobs/careers.  This program would have the students implement what they are learning right away in order to create streams of income for themselves.  Switching the focus from theory, to action will also help the students internalize the information they learn.

From the moment they arrive at this college, they will start taking steps to help them accumulate wealth.  Aggressively setting goals and being held responsible to take action will allow the students to see results throughout their time in the school.  By providing the students with results they can see (and spend) it will only encourage them to improve more throughout their time there.

The program would involve getting income streams started, teaching students how to keep and accumulate wealth, and showing them what to do with their money for a successful life.

Additional Thoughts

This program would allow for action.  This action is the biggest difference from any training programs you see out there.  Rather than week long seminars, the students would have the 4 year degree program to keep them on track with a support system that can help them with the troubles they will face.  The benefit of a structured system as these individuals grow businesses is huge.  Most students only have this network available in advance before they have specific questions or need actionable advice.

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