A commercial bathroom cleaning service that has clients they clean the restrooms for on a regular schedule.  Teams of employees would have standard routes they go through each day to clean the bathrooms at different commercial locations.  Clean bathrooms are an important aspect for service and retail businesses, however the upkeep is always a difficult task.  By outsourcing this to another company, they can eliminate this difficult task that employees hate or neglect.

In Practice

This company would allow clients to schedule specific amounts of cleaning services for their bathrooms.  Offices and low use businesses could schedule once a week service, while busy locations such as gas stations could schedule the company to come out as much as 4 times a day.  The different price points per volume could help encourage clients to increase the amount they schedule.

Employees of this company would have a local route that they go to, in order to clean the bathrooms.  By focusing just on this single niche, the company can limit the amount of equipment and products needed; as well as increase the efficiency in which they complete the task.  The schedules for employees would be planned in advance so that they can minimize the drive time between accounts, and get to as many locations as possible throughout each day.

This business would be able to scale through increased use, allowing for multiple shifts and increased economies.  This could be set up as a growing company with a central management, and employees who service their routes.  As well as a franchise model, where territories are sold off and the central business goes after large contracts with national businesses.

Additional Thoughts

Cleaning the bathrooms is one of the most difficult tasks employees face in many companies.  For businesses who aren’t large enough to warrant a full time cleaning crew, this job often gets neglected.  By allowing clients to outsource this responsibility, they will be able to ensure this gets done at a high end level; while also keeping their staff focused on more pressing jobs.

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