A purse or wallet that charges your phone without having to be plugged in.  Utilizing the wireless charger technology that is out there, this product would allow your phone to charge throughout the day.  Anytime you put your phone next to your wallet or in your purse, it would increase its battery power.

In Practice

With everyday life becoming increasingly dependent on your phone, the fear of it running out of power is a challenge.  This product would solve that worry, without interferring with your daily life.  By giving your phone a battery boast anytime you put it away, it will ensure that you continue to stay charged without being tied to a wall.

This is great for day to day life, as well as those who are travelling.  Instead of constantly worrying about finding an outlet, you can know your devices are charged.  For those going away for a night out, they don’t have to worry about their phone dying on them at the end of the evening.

This product would work as an individual item built into a wallet and purse.  However, I feel that the biggest opportunity would be to make it available as an addition in existing items, allowing customers the flexibility to choose from the designs they already have or like.

Additional Thoughts

The utility of this product makes it a great addition, as it doesn’t impact an individual while still allowing them to get the desired results.  The important issue with this product would be to get a patent or trademark on the technology in order to prevent the larger companies from copying this product.

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