I lightweight and flexible paper that allows for Bluetooth images to be projected on the material.  With some durability to allow for greater use, this technology could help expand the functionality of many other consumer products.  Having this as an open source platform would allow people to create various uses for the technology.  Making the possible uses, and future customers, endless.

In Practice

This company would produce the lightweight Bluetooth image projection material, and sell it to businesses as well as end consumers.  The general public and business community could then figure out more and more uses for this technology.  From pictures hanging on the wall that can change and update, to newspapers that update on a closed circuit version of the product.

Once the technology is available, the driving force would be to encourage innovation.  This would allow the R&D to be spread out to a free labor force, while the company focuses on improving and expanding the underlying technology.  If this type of image projection material is created, it could allow for so much innovation that it is difficult to predict all of the uses.  Traditional digital items can be made more flexible in their uses.  Being able to use these products out in the world wherever you are; such as a large TV that can be rolled up and taken with you on a camping trip.

Additional Thoughts

The core focus of this business would be perfecting the underlying product, and opening up the innovation to the public.  Allowing businesses to find uses for it, as well as individuals.  This company could keep it’s focus on reducing costs and increasing quality, which would only allow for greater use of this product.

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