A website or phone app that allows you to generate serendipitous connections and form new associations.  By bringing up 4 or 5 assorted categories, and randomly pulling up information from them; it can create new ideas and connections that we would of never thought about otherwise.  These otherwise not thought about ideas would not be connected before; allowing for new ways of thinking.  This would be perfect for entrepreneurs, writers, business professionals, or the naturally curious in order to expand the capacity of their idea generation.

In Practice

An individual could go to the site in order to find new connections, in as broad or narrow of a field as you would like.  This site allows you to research different trends in various areas with some filters or as completely random; in order to generate new associations.

For example, you could randomly search topics in four different fields such as: Google Trends, Amazon Trends, This Day In History, Stock Trends.  A random article that is on each of these lists would pop up together so that you could see if there is any way to form a new relationship between the random connections.  The ability to click again regularly allows you to consistently get a snap shot of different fields together and find commonalities and associations.

This tool could be made as broad or as specific as possible in order to help people in a narrow field, or those who are interested in wider connections.  With more and more of our days structured, it is important to keep a new sense of serendipity that allows us to form new ideas.  The possible connections are endless, along with the associations that each individual can infer from them.

Additional Thoughts

This site could allow for many new connections that were unable to be seen before.  Creating a user friendly way of bringing random ideas, along with related but unconnected ideas; helps spark creativity.  There are many people out there who are constantly trying to push their understandings and find innovative ways of thinking.  This site would help those people make connections that might of never been made otherwise.

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