Make a smaller vehicle with the functionality of an RV for young people to be able to travel at a low cost and stay in the car.  Rethinking a standard SUV or sedan for the convenience of longer term travel instead of a daily commute will allow for some interesting possibilities.  As vagabonding and tiny houses become more mainstream, people are more willing to accept new ways of doing things.  The freedom created by an RV in travelling can be expanded by transferring the ability into smaller vehicles.

In Practice

This company would utilize new technologies to offer many of the same amenities of an RV at an even more compact size restriction.  These smaller RV style SUV and sedans would help reduce vehicle costs compared to traditional RVs.  They would reduce the gas expenses involved with traveling in the smaller vehicles.  The ease of operating, driving, parking, and getting around would increase with a more functional vehicle.  All of this, while still keeping the flexibility and convenience that an RV offers people.

These smaller RV style vehicles could be redesigned entirely for the purpose of travel.  By utilizing convertible spaces, they can be equipped with small sleeping and lounging areas.  Many features usually found inside the vehicle could be adjusted for outside of the vehicles, as you would spend most of your time not traveling out of the SUV or sedan.

This travel option would be really geared towards those who want to explore.  Finding a balance between the traditional RVs, which help keep you comfortable but are difficult for the actual traveling.  Allowing for the convenience of a standard vehicle (especially with the reduced fuel costs), this option would be perfect for an individual or couple who are looking to travel in as economical of manor as possible.

Additional Thoughts

The biggest argument for why people can’t travel as much as they’d like is the expense.  This option would help solve that difficulty, by increasing the accessibility of low cost travel.  New bells and whistles have been added to RVs over the years, but they have been lacking any dramatic change.  This concept would provide a much needed change for this industry.  The business model would work as individual vehicle sales.  However, I feel the biggest market would be rentals and short term leases.  For those who are looking for an extended trip, but do not want to commit to this as their full time vehicle.

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