A live time language translation headset that allows you to instantly understand someone speaking in another language.  This device would allow people to increase communication across language barriers.  Perfect for traveling to new regions, this would allow you to understand the native language anywhere you visited.

In Practice

This product would translate the verbal language that it hears, into your native language so that you can understand what is being said.  This would work for travelers and international business professionals.  It would be ideal as a small headset, or as an additional download that is compatible with current devices.  The benefits of instant communication would be enormous for a variety of people.  An additional attachment could be added to translate what you are saying into the language of the person you are speaking with as well.

Increasing the ease in which people communicate will only bring us closer as a planet.  This system would allow for the easy ability to jump into a new culture without the fear of language barriers.  Without that holding you back, you would be able to connect more with locals when travelling.  Business professionals would also be able to build closer relationships with international associates since they would be able to speak directly; not having to rely on translators standing by their side.

Additional Thoughts

Every system that brings people and communities closer together is a benefit to society as a whole.  Allowing for a greater transfer of ideas and concepts between cultures can help new ideas flourish.  This product could be marketed in international airports at a premium, as well as travel magazines or websites.

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