This platform allows you to select your core beliefs and issues that are important to you; and it will keep you informed on the subject along with action items for when something you care about is in danger.  You will receive information anytime their is a status change of something that you care about.  This site will help keep groups of people connected on the issues that matter most, so that they can quickly get organized in order to have an impact.

In Practice

The platform would stay neutral on topics, however it would allow it’s users to take a strong stance on subjects.  It will keep you up to date on what is happening, and how you can help; through user generated content.  This will help connect you to a community of like minded individuals, helping you react quickly with a united stance.  Links to petitions you could sign to help your cause, email/letter writing campaigns, local community meetings, and other ways of keeping you involved.

This system would be a concentrated place for people to take a stance for the issues they believe strongly in.  Users could create statuses on how they feel, and come together to debate and discuss different issues.  Create awareness for their causes, both local and national.

Additional Thoughts

This would focus on a niche that is prevelent in many other social media sites, but in a concentrated way.  By having a site dedicated to expressing your personal beliefs, this platform would attract the active users of many other social media sites without having to disrupt those who would rather not be plugged into the direct politics of the world.

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