A platform that gives concise 2 minute guides on how to do wide ranging activities.  From how to become a great writer to change a water filter.  Without going into the overly complex details, this format boils down the information into a digestible and actionable size.

In Practice

This platform would use curated crowd sourcing to bring a diverse base of knowledge to the table.  In video, audio, or article format; this system would give a basic degree of understanding to those looking to learn more about a particular subject.  The time restrictions placed will force the information to be boiled down to a well selected manor in which to convey the best possible message on a subject.  This time frame will also help keep peoples attention as they look to discover new subjects.

Giving an overview on a task will help people gain the small bite of information they were looking for, or allow them to decide if they want to dive deeper into a subject.  It can also provide shortcuts to complex skills, without getting caught up in the underlying theory behind a subject.  Such as teaching piano by showing how to perform the basics or play a small section of a song.

These brief overviews can come in handy with a variety of subjects that people only want a beginners overview of.  These topics could range from; playing the guitar, gardening, home care, craps, improved Google searching, or any variety of subjects.  By crowd sourcing the material, it allows for exponential growth in the material covered by this platform.

Additional Thoughts

These micro bites that cover the macro concepts of complex subjects allow for greater total volumes of knowledge to be absorbed through quick and easily digestible information.  This platform can be marketed as a system for increased brain power of the Renaissance learner.  As well as created increased serendipity through continued links that allow you to explore various topics.

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