A lumber yard that acquires its wood from reclaimed projects and buildings and wholesales the lumber out.  Using a similar system to scrap yards; these locations could buy steeply discounted raw materials that they would refurbish and sell back to the market.

In Practice

Locations would be set up where individuals and companies could drop off wood for a small financial incentive.  This wood then could be refurbished and resold into the market at a a profit.  The key to this system would be making sure the numbers work out for the cost of the materials & labor are low enough below the resale market value.

The company could also have trucks to drive to demolition sites and pick up wood free of charge.  Providing both a service for the construction crew trying to clear out the old materials, and the company looking to get more raw materials.

Setting up automated systems could help reduce the cost of operating these facilities, and speed up the recycling process.

Additional Thoughts

The desire for green initiatives will help motivate customers to purchase from these lumber yards.  They could also look to set up government grants to help subsidize the cost of these locations, as countries look to lessen their environmental impact.

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