An app with detection on it to make sure friends or family make it home safe.  People can turn on this system if they are worried about a walk home through an area they don’t feel safe in.  It will be monitored so that if something goes wrong, an alarm will go off and the authorities will be notified.

In Practice

Once this app is turned on, it would track your GPS location in order to monitor that you are going where you wanted to.  With a touch of any button on the screen, an alert message gets sent out to the authorities so that someone can respond immediately.  This system would provide an added level of safety for those who are traveling by themselves or walking alone.

Similar to a home security system, but for personal safety.  This system would be professionally monitored to ensure your information is safe and secure, while also having the monitoring system to make sure you get to your destination.

Additional Thoughts

This system would provide peace of mind for those who have to commute by themselves late at night.  Parents who are worried about their kids could get them this service, as well as those who just want to know someone is looking out for them when they are by themselves.  As a membership business, this would provide consistent returns with minimal overhead.

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