A company that focuses on the gamification of complex Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills for Elementary Schools.  Taking complex subjects, well ahead of the standard STEM skills of children that age, and helping the children learn the underlying concepts.  This format would strive to develop an engaging way to help prime students with the framework to learn STEM skills.

In Practice

This company would develop a system for taking complex STEM concepts, and breaking them down to overarching themes and concepts.  Through a game format, they would engage the students in figuring out the overall concepts which will help simplify the learning process for them down the road.  The games can cover a wide range of concepts, and be developed with ever increasing degrees of difficulty.

The company would market this system to schools, working with them to get the kids signed up for the program and encouraging them to play with the system at home or during free time at school.  Through levels to climb through and point systems to encourage them to compete for top scores, this could really give a boost to the education system.  Learning the overall concepts will allow students to pick up the details quickly when they begin studying these classes.

Additional Thoughts

This program would allow for an aggressive boost in the skill set of the next generation.  Instead of learning everything from the ground up, this helps them build on top of the knowledge that is already available.  A major factor that would help contribute to the success of this program would be getting government and educational support behind the program.  It could be set up as a non-profit organization to attract donations in support, or a for-profit company with a small membership fee or advertisements to finance the business.

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